Profitable Growth & Expansion

Learn from the world’s best Amazon sellers on how to grow and expand on Amazon profitably.


6 – 7 October 2023

Pre-Event Thursday 5 October

In a world marked by inflation, high electricity prices, and geopolitical tensions, profitability is at the heart of every company’s strategy. At the same time, there’s an unyielding pursuit to expand and conquer new markets.

That’s why we’ve chosen the theme “Profitable Growth & Expansion”.

Learn from the world’s best Amazon sellers on how to profitably grow and expand on Amazon, despite the prevailing challenges.


amaNordic knows that if you want to sell products online in today’s DNA, you need to sell products on Amazon because that is where you find most online consumers.

The challenge is that we in the Nordic region – companies, entrepreneurs, brands, and agencies – are behind when it comes to real Amazon knowledge and experience.

Knowledge and experience that you will you need if you want to succeed on Amazon. The competition on Amazon is fierce, which makes you feel lost and leads to failure without the right strategies, tactics, and tools.

We think that it is just plain wrong that we in the Nordic region are so behind when it comes to Amazon’s competence when we are so great and successful in other digital areas such as e-commerce, social media, and innovations.


Powerful & new strategies, tactics & tips to increase your success on Amazon

Learn from some of the best Amazon sellers, authorities and services in the world. Tap in to their years of experience to help grow your business on Amazon

Network and create relations with successful Amazon sellers, authorities, services partners and tools, together with great food an entertainment

Achive your goals much faster with the strategies, information and processes presented at amaNordic. It will fast track you to your goals

amaNordic will open the doors for you to scale, connect, launch, grow, learn and discover in ways that only live events can. Meet the best Amazon sellers, learn from them - and become an Amazon best seller!

Day 1: 6th of October

The first day of amaNordic is the big event with focus on education, strategies, tactics, tools, services, inspiration, and networking.

Here you will learn from some of the best Amazon sellers and authorities in the world.

The day is created with speeches about some of the most important and latest Amazon subjects, where you as a participant can interact and ask questions in real-time, moderated by the amaNordic conference moderator.

Among all Topics some of the success factors, knowledge and inspirations will be:

  • How to grow your brand on Amazon
  • How to scale on Amazon
  • How to prepare for the biggest opportinities
  • Exiting your Amazon private label brand
  • The latest within marketing on Amazon
  • How to get your products to stand out on Amazon
  • How to organise and use processes to quickly increase Amazon revenue
  • Amazon SEO and keywords
  • How to launch and rank on Amazon
  • Amazon FBA
  • The different Amazon marketplaces
  • How to grow your Amazon sales globally
  • How to increase traffic, conversions and sales on Amazon
  • Amazon ads and PPC
  • External traffic to Amazon
  • Amazon strategies and tactics and secret sauces
  • How to build your Amazon private label brand and do an Exit
  • Amazon trends and features


Learn the latest tactics & tips to get your products more relevant and attractive to Amazons A9

You’ll learn how to scale and grow your business exponentially on Amazon from industry thought leaders

You will get the best insights, experiences and knowledge how to grow your brand on Amazon

Learn how to increase your profit and your margins on Amazon

See how the industry leaders are staying on top of their Amazon PPC with unseen strategies. Learn it and implement it

See how the Amazon authorities ranks their products so you can improve your positions on Amazon

Learn how to prepare for the biggest opportunities on Amazon - and for your Exit in the hot Amazon market

You’ll find out exactly what’s working and what’s not working to get results in Amazon marketing

You will get industry secrets on how the experts get their products to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Get inspired by how Amazon top sellers are organizing and creates processes to quickly achieve high sales volumes

Day 2: 7th of October

Day 2 of the amaNordic is focused on in depth strategies and tactics for success, as well as on removing and eliminating your current obstacles.

To achieve the best environment, we will do this in a small group where all participants have to contribute to the content in a round table style event.

During this small group event we will be able to deeper dissect the success factors and challenges we all have today, and by doing that make sure everybody learns from the best secret sauces we are using today, as well as learning from solving our problems.

The strength in Day 2 lies in the participation and engagement from the participants, where everybody that participates must contribute.

By doing this we will all learn from each other. As a participant, your homework is to bring you Best Win and your current Hurdle to Day 2. These will be collected before the event.


Round table discussions with other successful Amazon sellers, brands & consultants will impact your business

All participants contributes to the content and the agenda. This will create a unique foundation of knowledge

Bring your biggest Amazon challenges and let the round table participants help you

Bring your best Amazon tip, tactic or strategy and share with the round table

By sharing and helping each other we create a very powerful dynamic and invaluable insights for all participants

Learn strategies more in depth and discuss how to best implement them in your Amazon business

Discuss solutions and insights to unlock potential in all participants Amazon businesses

Create unique relations with other round table participants and collaborate after the round table to help each other to more success

Take a place at the hot seat and show your listing, Ads campaign or other Amazon element to get all participants invaluable feedback

No matter if you participate IRL or digital, you will get the same great experience with state of the art technology when it comes to sound and zoomed in images

How We Do It?


You will learn and get inspired by the best and most successful people within the Amazon field


You will be able to ask your questions and get help from leading Amazon authorities


You will mingle, network, share experiences and create relations with other Amazon sellers and services to strengthen your own network and secure that you have the best people in your corner to help you to succeed on Amazon.


If you want the best experience of Day 1 at amaNordic you shall grab one of the limited VIP seats.

As a VIP you will have the best experience of amaNordic, both when it comes to experiencing all the great speakers and the impactful presentations, as well as your opportunity to network and the access to the top achievers of Amazon.

By securing your VIP seat you will accelerate your amaNordic experience by:

  •  Having a reserved seat among the best seats in the front of the stage
  • Lunch together with the speakers, partners, and other VIP participants
  • Dinner Lunch together with the speakers, partners, and other VIP participants

This will give you an opportunity to grow invaluable relations with some of the most successful people and services on Amazon. Relations that can help you really accelerate your Amazon business.

The VIP seats are limited.

Why amaNordic

If you are serious about increasing your sales and growing on Amazon, or starting to sell on Amazon, amaNordic is for you.

amaNordics mission is to bridge the gap between Amazon-sellers in the Nordic countries and the successful international sellers by bringing the latest content, the best strategies, and tactics as well as the most impactful inspirations to the Nordic.

To help us succeed in our mission we are also highly valuating networking and experience sharing during amaNordic, by creating room and incentives during the breaks, lunch, and dinner during Day 1. The whole event at Day 2 is just about contribution and sharing.

We know that networking and creating relations between the Amazon sellers in the Nordic region, as well as the possibility to interact with top Amazon sellers and service providers, is one of the most important foundations to rapidly increase the overall success for Nordic entrepreneurs and companies when it comes to Selling on Amazon.

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