About amaNordic

The amaNordic Odyssey: From Vision to Reality

In the vast digital landscape, where e-commerce giants roam and entrepreneurs venture, a beacon of hope emerged for Nordic brands.

This beacon, amaNordic, was not just another platform; it was a mission, a vision, and a dream realized by the Amazon seller and entrepreneur, Carl Helgesson.

Carl’s journey with Amazon began in 2012. Over the years, he built and nurtured five brands on the platform, making successful exits from three.

His expertise didn’t stop there

Carl’s Vision: Bridging the Nordic Amazon Knowledge Gap with amaNordic.

In 2017, he founded the Amazon agency, Rankona Mazon, and the comprehensive training program, Komplett Nordisk Amazon Akademi (KNAA).

But Carl felt something was missing.

The brands in the Nordics were found to lack in Amazon knowledge and experience. Their success on Amazon where nowhere to be found.

He envisioned a haven where Nordic brands, entrepreneurs, and agencies could gather, learn, and thrive. A place where the mysteries of Amazon could be unraveled, where strategies could be honed, and where success stories could be forged.

Carl realized that the Nordic region lacked a natural meeting ground for both seasoned Amazon sellers and those eager to embark on their Amazon journey.

And so, amaNordic was born

amaNordic‘s Milestone:
Carl’s Vision, World-Class Insights, and a Unified Team of Experts

The inaugural amaNordic event was nothing short of legendary. A sold-out affair, it boasted a lineup of world-class speakers and received an astounding 9.54 out of 10 in evaluations.

This success was a testament to Carl’s vision and the thirst for Amazon knowledge in the Nordic region.

But every visionary knows that to build an empire, you need a team of experts. Carl expanded the amaNordic family, bringing in partners with unique skills:

Meet the Team!

Carl Helgesson amaNordic

Carl Helgesson

Founder, Visionary

Carl Helgesson,with over 25 years in sales and two decades as an entrepreneur, Carl is a recognized Amazon authority in the Nordics. A sought-after speaker, he’s been featured on TV, radio, and in print as an Amazon expert. 

Mike Kaiser


Michael Kaiser, with a rich background in the event and music industry, took the helm as CEO, ensuring amaNordic and KNAA reached unparalleled heights.

Praktikant hos 900 Kunder

Helene Thituson

Helene Thituson, an Amazon veteran like Carl, became the heart of amaNordic’s digital evolution, leveraging her expertise in digital marketing, e-commerce, online courses, and AI.

Johan Hallberg

Johan Hallberg, one of Sweden’s leading Private Label sellers on Amazon, ensured that the content for amaNordic and KNAA was of the highest caliber, always staying ahead of the Amazon curve.

Linda Hirschfeld

Linda Hirschfeld, the PR and marketing maestro, amplified amaNordic’s voice, ensuring its resonance in media and news. Her profound expertise in strategic competence and concept development has been instrumental in steering the brand towards innovative directions.

Hanna Linell

Hanna Linell, the wordsmith, ensures that amaNordic’s narrative is compelling and its presence on LinkedIn is unmatched.

Why amaNordic?

amaNordic understands the DNA of online sales today. To truly succeed, you need to be on Amazon – the hub of online consumers.

The Nordic region, despite its prowess in e-commerce, social media, and innovations, lags in Amazon expertise. The platform, with its dual nature, can be both a boon and a bane. It offers immense possibilities but is also riddled with complexities and fierce competition.

amaNordic is here to demystify Amazon. By gathering leading experts and successful sellers, we aim to bridge the knowledge gap, inspire, and empower Amazon sellers in the Nordic region.

Our Promise:

  1. Competence: Learn from the best in the Amazon realm.
  2. Ask: Directly engage with leading Amazon authorities.
  3. Network: Forge connections with fellow Amazon sellers and services.

Seats for the upcoming amaNordic event are limited. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.

Join us, and let’s ensure that Amazon remains your best ally in the digital world.

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