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amaNordic knows that if you want to sell products online in today’s DNA, you need to sell products on Amazon because that is where you find most online consumers. 

The challenge is that we in the Nordic region – companies, entrepreneurs, brands, and agencies – are behind when it comes to real Amazon knowledge and experience.

Knowledge and experience that you will you need if you want to succeed on Amazon.

The competition on Amazon is fierce, which makes you feel lost and leads to failure without the right strategies, tactics, and tools. 

We think that it is just plain wrong that we in the Nordic region are so behind when it comes to Amazon’s competence when we are so great and successful in other digital areas such as e-commerce, social media, and innovations.

In fact, Amazon is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Amazon can be your best friend thanks to all possibilities and the sales volume you can get. Amazon can be your worst enemy due to constant changes, the complex landscape, and extreme competition.

We understand that Amazon seems confusing and hard to grasp. 

That is why we are gathering the leading experts in the Amazon field and the most successful Amazon sellers; people and brands that have learned how to master Amazon and have generated many millions in sales on Amazon’s different marketplaces.

And we gather them to improve the lacking competence and to educate and inspire Amazon sellers in the Nordic region so that we all can use Amazon to increase our sales online and succeed with our product sales globally.

Make sure to reserve a seat at the upcoming amaNordic event. There is a limited number of attendees that can participate, first come first served. So you can stop worrying about missing out on the great Amazon opportunity and mitigate the risk to lose both time and money if you try to do Amazon without having enough knowledge and experience. 

Be part off amaNordic and together we will make sure that Amazon will become and remain your best friend!

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