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The Nordics’ Largest Amazon Event Awaits

amaNordic’s Event is Your Ultimate Guide to
E-commerce Dominance!

6 — 7 October 2023 | Värnamo, Sweden

#1 Amazon E-commerce Summit for Nordic Brands and Sellers

Unlock the Secrets of Amazon Mastery at amaNordic

Imagine a place where the world’s top Amazon sellers converge, where cutting-edge strategies are unveiled, and where your brand’s potential is unlocked. That place? amaNordic.

This isn’t just another event. It’s a transformative experience. Dive deep into the world of Amazon with unparalleled insights that most only dream of accessing. Why tread the waters when you can ride the wave of success?

Why Attend?

  • Growth Unleased

Discover the art and science of scaling your brand on Amazon. It’s not just about selling; it’s about dominating.

  • Global Ambitions

Why limit yourself? Learn how to take your brand global and tap into the vast potential of international marketplaces.

  • Strategies Revealed

From Amazon SEO to effective product launches, get the playbook of the pros.

  • Networking Gold

Rub shoulders with the best in the business. Forge partnerships, get mentorship, and expand your horizons.

    Here’s the magic

    This isn’t just about knowledge. It’s about transformation. It’s about taking your brand from where it is now to where you’ve always dreamed it could be.

    Exclusive Opportunity! For those truly committed to elevating their Amazon game, this is your moment. Don’t just be a part of the crowd; lead it.

    Seats are limited, and the future waits for no one. Are you ready to redefine your Amazon journey?

    Global Experts Take the Stage at amaNordic.

    Join the elite of Amazon at amaNordic. Our speakers are seasoned industry leaders with a wealth of experience. Dive deep into their insights, best practices, and invaluable lessons they’ve gathered over the years.


    Mels Trelow

    Amazon Seller, Educator, Agency Founder & Podcast Host

    Andreas Baller

    Head of Marketplace Sweden at Amazon

    Praktikant hos 900 Kunder

    Jana Krekic

    Passionate, Visionary, Global-Minded

    Egle Radiik speaker

    Egle Raadik

    Serial Amazon Entrepreneur

    Piers Eveleigh

    Director of Sales, EMEA,

    Praktikant hos 900 Kunder

    Tom Meek

    Taxually, Innovator, Strategist

    Egle Radiik speaker

    Carl Helgesson

    Rankona Mazon, amaNordic, Author, Entrepreneur

    Paul Sonneveld

    Co-founder and Host of ‘Marketplace Masters’

    Praktikant hos 900 Kunder

    Jan Röhn Pipper

    Owner of Valuezon Nordic & Tactica

    Egle Radiik speaker

    Markus Varsikko

    Digital Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Innovator

    Patrik Nygård

    E-commerce entrepreneur and advisor

    Praktikant hos 900 Kunder

    Anton Kimfors

    Amazon Strategist

    Egle Radiik speaker

    Anton Säwström

    Amazon Visionary

    Brian Williams

    AI, eCommerce Investor and Brand Builder


    Yulia Blinova

    Multilingual sourcing expert

    Bonuses Just For You!

    • Exclusive access to all event presentations and videos.
    • An invitation to a Post-Digital Mastermind for on-site participants, ensuring you harness the event's knowledge for tangible results.

      Last year, amaNordic was heralded with a staggering 9.54/10 rating. This year, we’re setting the bar even higher.

      Are you ready to redefine your Amazon journey? To not just sell, but to dominate? If the answer is a resounding ‘YES’, then mark your calendar for the 6-7th of October.

      amaNordic – Where Amazon Dreams Take Flight.

      amaNordic Live Event

      October 6-7  2023


      Pre-Event Thursday 5 October

       Onsite Tickets           .

       Digital tickets           .

      amaNordic 2023 Schedule

      Pre Event

      Thursday 5 October 

      17:00 – 22:00
      Venue: Gummifabriken Madame

      Friday 6 october

      09.30 Registration & Coffee

      10.00 amaNordic starts

      11.30 Fika – Coffee Break

      12.30 Lunch

      13.30 amaNordic continues

      15.30 Fika – Coffee Break

      17.30 Conference ends – Pre Drink starts

      18.30 Dinner

      19.30 Quiz

      22.00 After dinner party & hang

      Please note that the time slots can change

      Saturday 7 October

      09.00 Coffee & intro

      09.30 Round Table starts

      10.15 Fika – Coffee Break

      12.00 Lunch

      13.30 Fika Coffee Break

      15.00 Round Table ends

      Please note that the time slots can change

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