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    Information Regarding The Event

    The room will take place in the fantastic facilities of Gummifabriken (The Rubber Factory) in the city center of Värnamo.

    Gummifabriken is a unique building. For close to 100 years it was a factory for rubber. Now it is a modern meeting place where business meets culture and education in an amazingly designed environment that still keeps its raw industrial feeling.

    Gummifabriken is situated in Värnamo, Sweden, which is close to perfectly geographically located in an approximate center between Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo.

    Värnamo is known for a very strong entrepreneurial spirit, successful manufacturing industries, furniture design (you have probably heard of Bruno Mathsson and Källemo) and design as well as art in general through Vandalorum.

    Värnamo has also been a strong marketplace town since the 1200s, which makes the city a perfect location to discuss the leading global online marketplace in the world, 800 years after the first market took place in Värnamo.

    It is easy to get to Gummifabriken

    There are several transportation opportunities and it is also easy by car since Värnamo is situated at the cross between the E4 (south/north) and highway 27 (east/west). The train and bus stations are located a few minutes of walk from Gummifabriken.

    The closest airports are:

    • Jönköping Airport (70 km)
    • Småland Airport in Växjö (70 km)
    • Göteborg Landvetter Airport (170 km)

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