Day 1

Big Event – Big Impact

The first day of amaNordic is the big event with focus on education, strategies, tactics, tools, services, inspiration, and networking.

Here you will learn from some of the best Amazon sellers and authorities in the world.

The day is created with speeches about some of the most important and latest Amazon subjects, where you as a participant can interact and ask questions in real-time, moderated by the amaNordic conference moderator.

Among all Topics some of the success factors, knowledge and inspirations will be:

  • How to grow your brand on Amazon
  • How to scale on Amazon
  • How to prepare for the biggest opportunities
  • Exiting your Amazon private label brand
  • The latest within marketing on Amazon
  • How to get your products to stand out on Amazon
  • How to organise and use processes to quickly increase Amazon revenue
  • Amazon SEO and keywords
  • How to launch and rank on Amazon
  • Amazon FBA
  • The different Amazon marketplaces
  • How to grow your Amazon sales globally
  • How to increase traffic, conversions and sales on Amazon
  • Amazon ads and PPC
  • External traffic to Amazon
  • Amazon strategies and tactics and secret sauces
  • How to build your Amazon private label brand and do an Exit
  • Amazon trends and features

Day 1 is not just about hearing the latest when it comes to strategies and tricks to make sure you will succeed on Amazon, it is also about networking with other Amazon sellers.

Did you know that many Amazon sellers consider the networking and the relations they create at different Amazon events to be one of the biggest reasons for their success?

Because it is in the relations, knowledge sharing, and friendship with other Amazon sellers and service partners the magic will happen.

That is how you secure to continuously grow your Amazon competence and expertise after the event.

And the relations you will create during the event will be the ones you share information with after the event, creating a fast track to success.

We have created amaNordic to put emphasis on networking during our Swedish Fika, Lunch, and dinner. Since we find networking so important, lunch, fika, and dinner are included in your ticket price.

Day 1 at amaNordic is focused on the following target groups:

  • You are already selling on Amazon, but want more success
  • You have your own private label brand and want to grow it on Amazon and do an exit
  • You are interested in using Amazon as a sales channel, but have not started to sell on Amazon yet
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Private Label brands
  • Established brands
  • Companies selling physical products
  • Manufacturers that want to use Amazon to increase their revenue by selling DTC
  • Re-sellers and distributors
  • Amazon agencies
  • Amazon consultants
  • Digital agencies
  • Media houses
  • E-commerce departments
  • You who are dreaming about creating your own brand and living your life as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, using Amazon to sell your products and create your freedom

You can participate in both IRL at the event, as well as digital. You will have the same possibilities to interact, comment, and ask questions during the event no matter if you are at the event or by your computer somewhere else in the world.

The whole event will be recorded, and you will receive access to each video and the material from the presenter after the event. We have this service so that you can be in the moment and more engaged during the event, instead of trying to take notes.



  • 09.30 Registration & Coffee
  • 10.00 amaNordic starts
  • 11.30 Fika – Coffee Break
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 13.30 amaNordic continues
  • 15.30 Fika – Coffee Break
  • 17.30 Conference ends – Pre Drink starts
  • 18.30 Dinner
  • 19.30 Quiz
  • 22.00 After dinner party & hang
  • Please note that the time slots can change

Post Event Mastermind

All participants on Day 1 and Day 1+2 (in person at the event) will be invited to a Post Event Mastermind, that will be held shortly after the event.

The Post Event Mastermind is created to make sure you as a participant are implementing what you learned at amaNordic in your Amazon business, to make sure you benefit from all newknowledge, tactics, and hacks.

The Post Event Mastermind will also open up for questions and discussions connected to the content presented on amaNordic,nto be able to deep diver in some subjects and to straighten out any question marks.

Please note that the Post Event Mastermind is a unique Mastermind for in person attendees only, visitin amaNordic.

This opportunity will not be open for  digital participants.


Learn the latest tactics & tips to get your products more relevant and attractive to Amazons A9

You’ll learn how to scale and grow your business exponentially on Amazon from industry thought leaders

You will get the best insights, experiences and knowledge how to grow your brand on Amazon

Learn how to increase your profit and your margins on Amazon

See how the industry leaders are staying on top of their Amazon PPC with unseen strategies. Learn it and implement it

See how the Amazon authorities ranks their products so you can improve your positions on Amazon

Learn how to prepare for the biggest opportunities on Amazon - and for your Exit in the hot Amazon market

You’ll find out exactly what’s working and what’s not working to get results in Amazon marketing

You will get industry secrets on how the experts get their products to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Get inspired by how Amazon top sellers are organizing and creates processes to quickly achieve high sales volumes

Test your knowledge in the entertaining Amazon Quiz

During the networking dinner you will not just enjoy good food, interesting conversations and new impactful relations – you will also test your Amazon skills in an entertaining Amazon Quiz, performed by Jimmy & Mike, the leading Quiz Entertainers in Sweden.

You will compete table vs table to win both honor and great prizes!

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