Day 2 – Round Table

Sharing, Contribution, & Relations Takes You To The Next Level

Day 2 of the amaNordic is focused on in depth strategies and tactics for success, as well as on removing and eliminating your current obstacles.

To achieve the best environment, we will do this in a small group where all participants have to contribute to the content in a round table style event.

During this small group event we will be able to deeper dissect the success factors and challenges we all have today, and by doing that make sure everybody learns from the best secret sauces we are using today, as well as learning from solving our problems.

The strength in Day 2 lies in the participation and engagement from the participants, where everybody that participates must contribute.

By doing this we will all learn from each other. As a participant, your homework is to bring you Best Win and your current Hurdle to Day 2. These will be collected before the event.

Everybody will bring their best win to the table; In other words, you will bring your best strategy, tactic, trick, solution, or any other factor you have experienced that has had an immediate impact on your Amazon business. Everybody will also bring their biggest hurdle to the table; In other words, you will bring the biggest problem or obstacle that holds you back on Amazon today. And together we all give our experience and knowledge to help you.

It is mandatory to send in your biggest Win and your current Hurdle in advance, to be able to participate in this success-focused part of amaNordic.

To be able to participate on Day 2 it is mandatory that you have products already selling on Amazon, your own products, products you are re-selling or products you manage for a client. Day 2 is also perfect for Amazon agencies and consultants.

You can participate in both IRL at the event, as well as digital. You will have the same possibilities to interact, comment, and ask questions during the event no matter if you are at the event or by your computer somewhere else in the world.

The whole event will be recorded, and you will receive access to each video and the material from Day 2 after the event. The information from Day 2 is strictly just for the participants of Day 2 and will not be shared with the other participants from amaNordic Day 1.

Day 2 will be held in the top modern hybrid conference facility called Norhedssalen. Norhedssalen is the latest in hybrid education and conferences and gives you the exact same experience, no matter if you are present in the room or not. With a huge screen facing the physical attendees as well as screens surrounding the room, microphones at each seat, and automatic voice-controlled zoom-in on the person speaking this event will be something extra.

Secure your seat at the round table to make sure you get an enormous impact to your Amazon business.



  • 09.00 Coffee & intro

  • 09.30 Round Table starts

  • 10.15 Fika – Coffee Break

  • 12.00 Lunch

  • 13.30 Fika Coffee Break

  • 15.00 Round Table ends

  • Please note that the time slots can change

Post Event Mastermind

All participants on Day 1 and Day 1+2 (in person at the event) will be invited to a Post Event Mastermind, that will be held shortly after the event.

The Post Event Mastermind is created to make sure you as a participant are implementing what you learned at amaNordic in your Amazon business, to make sure you benefit from all newknowledge, tactics, and hacks.

The Post Event Mastermind will also open up for questions and discussions connected to the content presented on amaNordic,nto be able to deep diver in some subjects and to straighten out any question marks.

Please note that the Post Event Mastermind is a unique Mastermind for in person attendees only, visitin amaNordic.

This opportunity will not be open for digital participants.


Round table discussions with other successful Amazon sellers, brands & consultants will impact your business

All participants contributes to the content and the agenda. This will create a unique foundation of knowledge

Bring your biggest Amazon challenges and let the round table participants help you

Bring your best Amazon tip, tactic or strategy and share with the round table

By sharing and helping each other we create a very powerful dynamic and invaluable insights for all participants

Learn strategies more in depth and discuss how to best implement them in your Amazon business

Discuss solutions and insights to unlock potential in all participants Amazon businesses

Create unique relations with other round table participants and collaborate after the round table to help each other to more success

Take a place at the hot seat and show your listing, Ads campaign or other Amazon element to get all participants invaluable feedback

No matter if you participate IRL or digital, you will get the same great experience with state of the art technology when it comes to sound and zoomed in images

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