Philip Jepsen

Philip has extensive experience with Information Technology, Online Sales & Marketing and Manufacturing.

He currently works as CEO of ManageByStats (a tool suite for Amazon Sellers) and Wild Naturals (all-natural health and beauty products), and helping others with mentoring and expanding their online businesses.

As CIO and CTO at Wireless WebConnect from 2000 to 2002 Philip designed and implemented the full IT infrastructure for the company.

Just after the 9/11 disaster in NYC he worked as part of the rescue effort for 2 months from the Pier 92 9/11 headquarters, arranging high-speed wireless infrastructure and coverage for rescue end emergency personnel at Ground Zero.

He has extensive wholesale and retail sales experience including high-volume sales to many US Federal Government agencies (DOE, DARPA, FDA, DOD (Pentagon), DOS, NIST, NIH, NOAA, Director of National Intelligence, etc) and large corporations in the Washington DC area.

Philip has experience in designing and implementing database-driven interactive websites on a large scale both in 2000-2002 and in 2010, in the US and in China.

Since 2013, Philip has focused with great success on e-commerce using Amazon and Shopify.

Selling on Amazon requires not only learning all the details of how to build and launch a successful product, but also how to tell if you are making enough profits from that product in order to expand to additional products and get higher exposure. Key here is knowing your numbers, and knowing what fees come out of every sale. That’s why Philip created ManageByStats.

Without exact breakdowns, most software out there does not give you enough details to KNOW if you’re making enough profit on each sale. And with all the metrics you can view on Amazon, you can easily get lost and not know what area of your business needs attention NOW, in order to get more sales and more profits.

THIS is what ManageByStats gives you – exact details on what area of your business needs attention NOW, with guidance on what you can do for each of those areas to get higher sales and profits.

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