Post Event Mastermind

An Exclusive Opportunity for Onsite Attendees Only

Set a reminder for the 12th of October, from 12:00  to 13:00 (CET; UTC+01:00).

Introducing the Post Event Mastermind: a digital session tailored uniquely for those who experienced amaNordic in person.

While this mastermind unfolds online, its essence is rooted in the rich, onsite interactions of our event.

It’s more than just a meeting; it’s a continuation of your amaNordic journey, offering a space to delve deeper, seek expert insights, and refine your Amazon strategies.

This is your chance to transform knowledge into action, all from the convenience of your chosen location.

Remember, this exclusive session is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our dedicated onsite attendees. Join us, and let’s keep the momentum going.


Post Event Mastermind

All in-person attendees of Day 1 and Day 1+2 and VIP are exclusively invited to our Post Event Mastermind, scheduled to be held 12th of October, from 12:00  to 13:00 (CET; UTC+01:00) after the main event.

Why Attend?

  • Implementation Focus: Ensure you’re effectively applying the strategies, tactics, and hacks learned at amaNordic to your Amazon business.
  • Deep Dive Discussions: Delve deeper into specific topics from amaNordic, clarify doubts, and engage in enriching discussions.
  • Expert Guidance: The session will be facilitated by [Names/Expertise], offering you direct insights and feedback.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow attendees, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.

Prepare for the Session: Come with specific questions, challenges, or topics you’d like to discuss. This is your opportunity to get personalized advice and insights.

Please note: This Mastermind is a unique offering exclusively for in-person attendees of amaNordic.

Digital participants will not have access to this session.

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