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Mels Terlouw - Key Note

Amazon is changing right now, and if you don’t adapt you will die..!

What Mels will teach you is revolutionary and the new way of selling on Amazon.

Learning this will give you the possibility to create immediate and great success as well as high sales volumes on Amazons marketplaces.  Missing out on this will lead to failure on Amazon.

No matter if you are an old experienced Amazon seller, fresh out of the gates with your first product live, or thinking about launching your first product on Amazon – you need to know about this!

A must see for all Amazon sellers.
Watch it.
Implement i!

Philip Jepsen

Philip is a very successful Amazon Seller that has generated more than $100M in sales on Amazon. On his Amazon journey Philip early understood that Profit is key if you want to succeed on Amazon.

Philip will show how you turn Amazon data into actual profits.

He will give you the 4 most important KPIs to create a successful Amazon business and how to track them.

Additional important learning:
You will also learn the right actions to take when your sales or profits goes down.

Johan Hallenby

A lot of Amazon sellers dream about outperforming their competition and building a highly valuated brand to do an Exit that creates financial freedom.

You can stop dreaming and start acting after this presentation. You will learn how to set yourself apart from the competition and prepare for the Exit of your dreams. The information in this session is also applicable even if you dont want to Exit.

Johan Hallenby, the founder of the first Swedish Amazon aggregator Go North & Kirill Kachinsky (that has managed a $200M/year Amazon private label brand) will give you the information you need.

Nick Kruppe

Managing cashflow is one of the biggest pain points for Amazon sellers. Especially if you have expanded your Amazon business to sell your products on additional platforms and marketplaces OFF Amazon, such as Shopify, Walmart and eBay.

Nick will show how you can get an overview of all important data so you can follow the cashflow and your most important KPIs, without login in to your different marketplaces and platforms.

This will save you time, help you to take faster and smarter decisions and eliminate frustration.

Carl Helgesson

Amazon loves Deals!

In this presentation Carl will in detail show one of the deal & promotion strategies they use to rank products, remain and the top in continously create increased organic sales.

You will learn the strategy as well see the results from the case study where one single product family revenues +€1M in 12 months.

The strategy Carl presents is very easy to understand and implement.

Carl will also go through Omnibus and how the Omnibus law affects different price point and deal tactics in EU, as well as show how you can still use the Deal strategy by re-setting your price point.

Tom Meek

To scale and grow on Amazon expanding into more Amazon marketplaces is one of the best strategies.

In this panel Tom Meek will discuss the opportunities and challenges with expanding on Amazons marketplaces. A lot of expansion know how is shared.

You will also learn how to do it the right way, to avoid mistakes.

Expert Panel:
Philip Jepsen – ManageByStats, Carl Helgesson – Amazon expert, Robert Mate – Taxually & Nathan Fox – Payoneer.

Tosin Oke

A lot of Amazon Sellers lose thousands of dollars every month due to Amazon’s FX conversion fees, without knowing there is a way to eliminate them.

Tosin will show how you with virtual bank accounts can increase your margins with 2%-10% and use your virtual bank accounts to pay VAT and suppliers. There is a lot of money to be saved that can make you richer, or to invest back into growth.

He will also talk about another challenge that Amazon sellers face when they expand; cashflow issues. Here you can find out how you can get access to up to pre-approved $750K to grow your business.

Patrick Bousfield

Did you know that if you sell on Amazon, Amazon probably owes you money? And did you know it could be a lot of money that Amazon keeps away from you, but that actually is yours..?

Patrick will talk about how missing inbound shipments, lost & damaged inventory and a lot of other factors can lead to money that Amazon owes you.

What you also will learn is that there is a way to re-take the money that is righfully yours.

This way has recovered more than $20M for Amazon sellers like you..!


Christoffer Ståhle

External traffic is what sets you apart from the majority of your competitors and can also be the factor that will sky rocket your ranking and sales.

Christoffer is an 8 figure Amazon seller that has achieved a lot of success thanks to his well developed strategy for external traffic and influencers.

Get prepared for the same success!

He will in detail present the strategy and what they have done to acheive +100M views on Social Media, increase rankings and helped their brand to become the top seller in their category.

Learn to double dip on Google & increase your conversions.

Regina Peterburgsky

Regina is a successful Amazon seller that generated $1M during her first 14 months on Amazon. She was also the first Amazon seller to launch on Amazon Australia.

Regina will teach you how to prepare to maximize your sales & results on your 3 Biggest Pay Days; Prime Day, Black Friday & Exiting your brand.

You will also learn the fundamentals you need to have in place before the big Pay Days.

Regina will show how she sold for $239,000 on her first Prime Day.

George Meressa

Amazon PPC is a vital tool in every Amazon seller’s toolbox. But when you grow there is an additional way to fast take your Amazon business to a new dimension with the help of Ads.

George will show how you can totally crush it on Amazon with DSP, Amazon Demand Side Platform.

You will see several case studies where George show how DSP has helped the brands to tremendous growth with incredible ROI. When you grow on Amazon this is next level and something you need to do to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Final Panel Discussion

Some of the most important questions for Amazon sellers will be answered in this panel of Top Amazon Sellers and Amazon Experts.

You will learn how the global events such as war, economic crisis and gas & energy prices will affect Amazon sellers, but also what you can do to mitigate the external events, and even better learn how to find opportunities for your business.

The panel will also give their best tips on things like; to source locally when shipping from China is expensive, their best lessons from mistakes selling on Amazon, the most important thing to think of when you launch on Amazon, their favorite products they’ve sold on Amazon. is the Honeymoon period over, three key things for a new or old seller on Amazon, products you shouldn’t sell on Amazon and Amazon in the Nordics in the future.

In the panel: Mels Terlouw – Intellivy, Philip Jepsen – ManageByStats, Regina Peterburgsky – Amazon expert, Carl Helgesson – Amazon expert & Johan Hallenby – Go North.

Some of the things you will learn from the amaNordic replay:

⦿  How Relevancy is a current Amazon revolution. If you adapt you can create instant success! If you don’t adapt, you will die…

⦿  The Amazon deals strategy that can help you generate +€1M in sales within 12 months with one product

⦿  How to use influencers and external traffic in a smart and cost effective way to increase rank and sales on Amazon

⦿  The 4 most important KPIs to create a successful Amazon business and how to track them

⦿  How you prepare for Amazon’s 3 biggest Paydays – Amazon Prime, Black Friday and your private label Exit

⦿  How to rank better and faster

⦿  How to prepare for an exit with your Amazon private label brand and to maximize the valuation of your brand

⦿  The latest to succeed with Amazon PPC and DSP

⦿  Why you should expand into other Amazon marketplaces and how you should do it in the best of ways

⦿  The biggest mistakes you can do on Amazon and how to avoid them

⦿  How Amazon keeps money that is rightfully yours, and how you can get the money back

⦿  How to increase your margins with better exchange rates

⦿  How to get better cashflow and capital to grow your business quicker

The value of this content is invaluable. It can be a gamechanger for your Amazon business.

👉But you can access it today for just 1 797 SEK (Approx $170 / €165 / £145)👈

✴ 💵PLUS bonuses on tools/softwares/services (unique for live attendees and replay watchers) with a value of at least  3 000 SEK ($297)!✴ 💵