Anton Kimfors

Combining an engineering background with firsthand Amazon selling experience, he guides top Swedish brands like Daniel Wellington and Desenio to e-commerce success.

Anton Kimfors is the CEO and founder of the Gothenburg-based, full-service Amazon agency, SellWave. Under his leadership, SellWave has emerged as a trusted partner for brands looking to expand their footprint and profitably grow on Amazon.

Notably, the agency has been instrumental in the Amazon strategies of leading Swedish e-commerce companies such as Daniel Wellington and Desenio.

Starting his Amazon journey at just 18 years old with digital products, Anton later transitioned to selling physical items. This direct experience gives him a comprehensive perspective on the platform’s dynamics. Furthermore, Anton’s approach to e-commerce is deeply rooted in his background in engineering and business design, emphasizing systematic processes and structured growth strategies.

Beyond the world of e-commerce, Anton’s history as a national team athlete instilled in him values of dedication, resilience, and team collaboration. These qualities, coupled with SellWave’s expertise, make Anton a valuable voice in discussions on Amazon’s ever-evolving marketplace.

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