Carl Helgesson

How to get one product to sell for €1M in 12 months on Amazon Germany – Keys to success

Carl has built 5 private label brands on Amazon and is the founder of the Amazon agency Rankona Mazon, as well as the Nordic Amazon education Komplett Nordisk Amazon Akademi (KNAA). You probably have seen him speaking at other seminars, on TV or in other media where the subject is selling on Amazon. He is also the voice of the #1 Nordic Amazon podcast Amazonpodden.

Amazon Germany is the biggest Amazon marketplace closest to the Nordic region, and one of the most important marketplaces if you want to sell on Amazon.

In this case study Carl will give all the keys how to reach €1M in sales in one year by successfully launching and selling on Amazon Germany, from the preparations to the actual launch and growth in sales.

The case study is from one of Rankona Mazon’s resent launches with an established Swedish brand

If you want to increase your sales dramatically on the German Amazon market, you will get all the answers, tools and tactics from Carl’s presentation.

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