Carl Helgesson

Tactics and Hacks for Superior Cash Flow and Profitability!

In the vast shadows of Amazon’s marketplace, Carl has masterfully crafted and nurtured 5 private label brands. He’s successfully navigated and exited from 3 of them and now spearheads the renowned Nordic Amazon agency, Rankona Mazon.

But that’s not where the story ends. He’s also the genius behind the Nordic Amazon education, Komplett Nordisk Amazon Akademi (KNAA), and the author of the epic 320-page tome, “Succeed on Amazon”.

You might have caught a glimpse of him at other seminars, seen him light up TV screens, or heard his voice echoing in the media when the topic is Amazon sales.

He’s also the charismatic voice behind the #1 Nordic Amazon podcast, Amazonpodden.

As Carl steps onto the stage, brace yourself to be pulled into a world of secret hacks, invaluable tips, and tactics that can transform your Amazon business. He will unveil potent insights so that you can start witnessing improvements in your venture immediately post amaNordic.

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