Egle Raadik

Egle reveals her strategies for Amazon success.

Egle is a top Amazon seller and a serial Amazon entrepreneur that has built multiple Amazon brands, despite coming from a tiny village of Estonia.

One of the companies Egle successfully built she exited, which is the biggest exit of an Amazon brand in Estonia so far.

She is know repeating her success x 3, simultaneously building three new private label brands on Amazon, with the goal to exit all brands within the next 1-3 years.

Egle holds a Masters’s degree and is co-parenting 3 kids. She also is a mentor at state-level programs and a public speaker at seminars and conferences (e.g Mindvalley, marketing and self development events).

During amaNordic she will reveal exactly the process and strategy how to find the best marketplaces within Amazon, find the right products to sell, create strong margins and how to quickly and successfully scale and grow!

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