George Meressa

George has been in Digital advertising since 2009, working on a wide range of platforms including Google, Amazon, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook paid advertising. Using these platforms, he has worked with hundreds of advertisers across the world in numerous industries and sectors to maximise their ROAS. His agency Clear Ads now focuses on Amazon PPC and DSP helping deliver the very best results for his clients.”

How to leverage Amazon DSP to maximise sales on Amazon and off Amazon

One of the biggest hurdles Amazon sellers face is the average cost per click to get traffic to their products. There seems to also be more of an importance placed on getting outside traffic.

During my time on stage at amaNordic I will show and discuss how we are using Amazon DSP to gain as many sales as possible by targeting those who haven’t brought the sellers product or competing products. We also use Amazon’s first party data, to create custom and focused audience to target people within Amazon and outside of Amazon.

My goal is to help you understand and taking advantage of Amazon DSP which can help Amazon sellers generate even more sales to increase their company growth.

This will also give Amazon sellers a better insight of where the future is going in regards to programmatic advertising. You don’t want to miss this..!

Missed the event? Watch the replay HERE!