Jana Krekic

International Expansion: The Untapped Revenue Stream Top Brands Overlook

Before venturing into the world of translations, Jana began her journey as an entrepreneur, founding YLT Translations. Over the years, she recognized the untapped potential of international marketplaces and the missed opportunities many brands faced by not expanding globally.

In her tenure, Jana has collaborated with countless brands, offering insights into their performance on home turf versus international platforms. Through her extensive analysis, she discerned that even top-tier brands often falter when navigating international waters.

At amaNordic, Jana will delve into her rich experiences, highlighting the importance of international expansion for brands and the potential revenue streams they might be overlooking. Drawing from her vast interactions with various brands, she’ll shed light on the common pitfalls they encounter and the competitive edge they often neglect.

Jana’s presentation will encapsulate strategies that harness the latest market trends, innovative approaches, and the evolving dynamics of the e-commerce landscape. Her objective is to arm attendees with actionable insights that can position them ahead of their competitors in a continually evolving global marketplace.

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