Johan Hallenby

Prepare yourself for the exit of your dreams and get valuable tips on how to set yourself apart from the competition.

CEO/Founder, Go North
On a mission to help and inspire all entrepreneurs with everything they need to do to prepare themselves for an exit and understand the Aggregator space better, Johan is determined to contribute value to the Amazon seller community. He started his journey as FBA seller and successfully launched a brand in 2020; he then founded The first Swedish Amazon Aggregator, Go North, in late 2021.

Go North started as a team of Scandinavian e-commerce entrepreneurs and is now a growing organisation from around the world, acquiring and scaling brands on Amazon and beyond. With a portfolio of already +18 acquired brands and Johans’ +15 years of entrepreneurial/investor experience, the team strives to be “kings of operations,” a friendlier aggregator with the purpose of making data-driven decisions and sustainable consumption possible. Go North isn’t just about acquiring brands. It’s about providing resources to entrepreneurs. By selling their brand to Go North, they get the funding to do what’s next. To go further, to go faster.

Johan will explain what important factors an aggregator is looking at when acquiring business so you can put your focus on these critical areas to increase the value of your Amazon brand. With Johan’s experience as a seller himself and now the CEO of the acquirer Go North, he hopes to give you the best tips from both perspectives on building your business for a possible exit.

Kirill Kachinsky
Senior Brand Manager, Go North
Johan will also be joined on stage by Kirill Kachinsky, Senior Brand Manager at Go North, based in Brooklyn, New York. Kirill recently joined Go North with a wealth of eCommerce experience on and off Amazon. He’s been successful with his own branded dropshipping store, has owned a social media agency, and helped entrepreneurs with their own brands & products.

Kirill has also had the experience of seeing a brand with zero followers and no sales go from zero to being in all the top retail stores in the United States. eCommerce, branding and sales are much more prevalent in the USA, the largest Amazon market.

Therefore, Kirill will share deep insight that will help the entrepreneur set themselves apart from the competition and align their perspectives and goals with that of a potential acquirer, or in this case, GoNorth.

If you dream of scaling an Amazon brand and making an exit, you can’t miss the presentation from Go North! Stay tuned! The Go North team is looking forward to seeing you there

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