Markus Varsikko

A digital pioneer since the 1990s, he founded a performance company and established Dash Retail, driving brands to Amazon success.

Markus embarked on his journey in the world of online business during the nascent days of the commercial internet. His initial gateway into the digital landscape was through selling advertising for the Altavista search engine back in the late 1990s. However, it was in 2003, coinciding with the launch of Google Adwords in the Nordics, that Markus took the entrepreneurial leap and founded his very first performance marketing company.


His experiences in the dynamic digital marketing sphere continued to evolve, and it was during his tenure as the Managing Director of Performance Marketing for Omnicom Media Group EMEA, based in London, that Markus became intimately acquainted with Amazon’s vast potential.

In 2018, Markus initiated a new chapter in his career by establishing Dash Retail, a specialised agency with a keen focus on Amazon. Since its inception, Markus and his dedicated team have collaborated with over a hundred established brands, guiding them to achieve remarkable success on Amazon’s global stage.

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