Mels Terlouw

Mels Terlouw is the founder of Intellivy and the mastermind behind all its strategies. He started his Amazon e-commerce business in 2014 and soon realized that to thrive on Amazon, data is essential. This led to the development of software tools that were not available in the market. This year Intellivy became accessible to a wider audience.

Mels has a background in tech, marketing and sales, and a passion for algorithms, data science and human behavior.
With multiple 9-figures in sales and partnerships, and involvement in over 1,000 Amazon product (re)launches that together grew with over 1 billion USD in yearly sales over the past years, Mels became a trusted source for multiple big brands to help figure out their next moves.

On stage, Mels takes you through what metrics should have your focus when selling on Amazon and why. And more importantly, what it can bring you in additional sales!

What Mels will teach you is revolutionary and is the new way of selling on Amazon. Learning this will give you the possibility to create great success and high sales volumes on Amazons marketplaces.

Missed the event? Watch the replay HERE!