Patrick Bousfield

Savy Product Guy & Inventor New Business Developer!

My name is Patrick Bousfield and I run New Business Development for Seller Investigators Europe based in UK.

My Background and experience (over a few decades!) centres around I am a Product guy – inventing Products, manufacturing in China and selling to Distributors globally but USA biased. I am fortunate to have been involved with several hugely successful products!

I have known Robert Ferreira and Lee Loree the Founders of Seller Investigators for more than 20 years, and we have worked together on many Products. It is fair to say that the concept of SI was born out of our joint frustration of being a Seller on Amazon so we speak from both sides of the fence!

When Robert and Lee approached me in 2019 to launch SI in Europe, on the back of their success in North America I jumped at the challenge! The idea of helping Sellers recover $ seemed a no brainer – and when they do the conversation is much better than Client’s moaning about price and late delivery.

I am pleased to say in just over 2 years we have built up a great Portfolio of Sellers in Europe, which are inevitably UK biased. Europe presents SI with a huge opportunity, and our Partnership with Carbon6 at events like amaNordic is very exciting!

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