Paul Sonneveld

Co-founder of MerchantSpring and host of ‘Marketplace Masters’ and a leading figure in ecommerce analytics and insights.

Paul is the Co-Founder and Product Owner at MerchantSpring, the leading SaaS Analytics and Reporting platform for Agencies, Brands, and Investors.

He is also the host of ‘Marketplace Masters’, a live ecommerce podcast focused on practical insights for Amazon Agencies and Amazon Vendors. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife, two young children, and dog, Hudson.


MerchantSpring is a SaaS Analytics and Reporting platform designed for Agencies, Investors, and Vendors. MerchantSpring integrates with more than 120+ ecommerce channels, including Amazon, Walmart,Shopify and over 100+ other marketplaces.

Its intuitive dashboards provide actionable insights and automated reporting to accelerate performance across your portfolio while saving your team hours each week.