Tosin Oke

A big problem Amazon sellers face is expensive bank fees. E-commerce is a global business; we all generally have to pay for services in currencies other than Swedish Krona. When this happens, the fees we pay really start to add up, and most of the time with a lack of transparency. In the worst cases we have seen Amazon sellers spend 10% of their cashflow on FX conversion fees – a sizeable amount.

Payoneer’s solution changes this, it allows you to transact in all of Amazons major marketplace currencies, pay suppliers, make payments on a Commercial Mastercard and withdraw to your bank, all in a local manner, saving you up to 75% in bank fees. In real world terms, a seller who does 100k per month on Amazon US could go from 5k in monthly costs down to 1k. The second part of my presentation will be talking about scaling your business using Payoneer’s Working capital solution – which gives you access to up to $500k to help you grow your business.


My name is Tosin Oke, I work for Payoneer in Europe, based in London. I have worked with thousands of Amazon sellers over the last 4 years as both a service provider and a consultant. As part of my role I have set up ecosystems where Amazon sellers can connect with the best e-commerce services providers including Tax and logistics firms, and helped many expand from their Amazon marketplace to the US and Australia.

Payoneer is listed on Nasdaq, we work with over 5 million customers globally and help many of the worlds largest Amazon sellers receive their disbursements in their local currency. We also help them scale their business by giving them access to funding up to $500k.

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