Yulia Blinova

Don’t Miss Yulia Blinova’s Deep Dive into the Nuances of Global Sourcing!

Immerse yourself in the realm of global sourcing with Yulia Blinova (余莉), the virtuoso of international product procurement.

Boasting nearly two decades in the domain, Yulia has been the beacon for myriad organizations, leading them through the intricate web of global product sourcing, particularly in the bustling markets of Asia.

From her earlier roles in the thriving startup ecosystem, including a position as Managing Director (Russia) for the unicorn startup, Flixbus, to her monumental success with Zignify Global Product Sourcing, Yulia has been instrumental in redefining global sourcing paradigms.

And, Zignify is not her sole claim to fame!

Her co-founding roles in two flourishing Amazon brands are a testimony to her practical prowess and keen insight into the e-commerce arena.

Is China still the best option for sourcing? Is hybrid supply chain the future of sourcing?

Harness Yulia’s Wisdom and Revamp Your Procurement Blueprint
Yulia will demystify the art of successful global sourcing, spotlighting actionable tactics beyond traditional methods, pinpointing core areas of focus, habitual blunders, and most crucially, pragmatic steps to ensure your sourcing journey remains seamless and fruitful.

Whether you’re an entrenched player in the global sourcing scene, a budding brand exploring newer markets, or a consultancy honing its methodologies, Yulia’s discourse is laden with invaluable gems.

Yulia’s unmatched expertise, fused with her on-ground experience, renders this session an unmissable occasion.

Absorb, engage, and depart with strategies ripe for direct application in your enterprise.

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