Tom Meek

Tom has more than five years’ experience in advising organisations and entrepreneurs on their Global Expansion and maximising their international opportunities via trading on the largest e-commerce platforms. Tom previously worked in the fintech payments space, offering solutions that enables SMEs to expand their businesses effectively and efficiently. Tom is now the Partnerships Director at Taxually, which is a SAS based, VAT compliance software, which has revolutionized the way SMBs, and SMEs report their international VAT. Tom also keeps his finger on the pulse, with his very own private label brand on Amazon, making him well positioned to advise on all areas of expansion and optimization.

Amazon sellers are continuously looking to scale and optimize their business to better their brand and increase market share. In this presentation I will be talking about why sellers should consider expanding their business beyond their home market, what the key considerations are that sellers should be aware of, what the most common mistakes are that sellers should avoid, and finally, what actions should be taken to implement their expansion.”

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